Wade [Music for River and People] | Aaron Hoke Doenges

Written By The Nashville Guide - April 23 2018


Nadine S. Steele
April 24 2018

What a great project Aaron for the city of Nashville. Choosing to become involved, even in a small way can have a huge impact on the streams and rivers. One of those ways you talked about was “planting a tree.” That may seem like a small thing but to someone like me, it can have a profound impact on your city.
I was born and raised in Nebraska. I have now lived in Ohio for over 45 years. Most people don’t think much about the state, except when they are driving through it. One man sure did back in 1872. His name was J. Sterling Morton and because of him, we have a national holiday every year known as Arbor Day. He realized how planting a small tree could make a big difference. Arbor Day is April 27, 2018, this year. (it is always the last Friday in April) Wouldn’t it be great if people decided to make a difference by planting one small tree? Just think what might happen in Nashville. You may wish to check out the web. There are lots of great ideas to celebrate this holiday. There are even ways to get free trees. The people and city of Nashville are fortunate to have you!

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